Jax Gibbins - Musical Director

Jax is the musical mastermind behind the choirs. She studied GCSE, and 'A' Level Music, followed by a 'Bsc Hons in Music Technology' at Staffordshire University. She has since gone on to carve out a substantial career in music and has spent the majority of her working life within music and the music industry, opening for Van Morrison, being one of the highlights!

About Music:

"I've always felt at home in music, and I love working with harmonies. Always have. So to me, being able to create my own arrangements and to have them sung back to job in the world! Just something about a group of voices, in harmony together, singing their hearts out...I will always get goose bumps, its a beautiful thing!" - Jax

About Choir:

"Joining a choir isn't just about singing. Its about working as a team. Its about confidence building, daring to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and its about supporting each other in the process and building each other up! Its not about egos, or outdoing each other, its just a pure love of singing and performing, together. If you love to sing and have never had the confidence to try it, a choir is the perfect starting block, you won't regret it! We all have to start somewhere." - Jax






DyNaMix (Barnstaple) - Choir

'Dynamix' started back in Sept 2016, when at the time, they went under the name of 'The Rhythm of Life - Barnstaple'. It was then decided to create a choir 'brand name' going forward, and Dynamix, Barnstaple, became the first of its kind!

The 35 members strong choir, come from all over North Devon, from South Molton, to West Buckland, Braunton and Ilfracombe. It is made up of bunch of incredibly enthusiastic singers, with no previous experience, who just enjoy singing and being part of a group! Dynamix are going from strength to strength and have performed all over North Devon, in fashion shows, North Devon Beer Festival, and this year they have been invited to perform as part of Bideford Christmas lights 2018, in front of 6000 people! Not bad for a small choir who started out with just 10 members!... 

" I had been looking for a choir to join for ages & I'm so glad I found this one. Everyone is very friendly & welcoming. I feel energised after practice or a performance, my confidence is growing & singing is helping my health & well being too. I love it! " - Kim Warrington (Company Director - TK Play Ltd)

" This choir has impacted on my life so much, giving me something to focus on apart from work and motherhood. I absolutely love it and I have made some fantastic friends, gained in confidence and can now sing and perform to an audience!! Don't just sit there, change your life for you ... join a choir!" - Sharon Turney (Primary School Teacher)

"I heard about Dynamix through my new neighbour and already knew that the energy in the group, together with the amazing leader and repertoire, was just what I love!" - Carol Ann Slaney (Hotelier)

"I was looking for something fun to do for “me”. I have always loved singing and thought a choir would be a good option. I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done - I LOVE THIS CHOIR. From the first session I was totally hooked. It’s something everyone should experience." - Ruth Williams (Principals PA - Community College)

"I joined our Choir to learn from a great teacher and develop my technique. Its a world away from my day job so I love the way it transports me to a different place. A little bit of therapy each and every Tuesday! Bliss!! The one thing I didn't expect, was to make so many friends, and feel comfortable to be myself. I'm so proud to be part of DyNaMix Choir." - Chris Jade (Learning Support Assistant)

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Rhythm of Life - Choir

The Rhythm of Life Choir, Exeter, is where it all started. They are in fact Dynamix's sister choir, and started working with Jax back in Sept 2014. The Rhythm of life Choir initially started out as an NHS Choir, funded by the hospital lottery fund, but soon after, the funding was cut, so they decided to go it alone and open it up to the general public. They have performed many gigs over the past few years, including a choir members wedding, their very own Christmas Concert, in which they raised £1000 for Charity, and the biggest performance to date, saw them winning the 'Sing for your City' competition 2017, which enabled them to perform in front of 8000 people on the Exeter FC Football ground! 

"I have met some awesome people I would never have otherwise met, who I am delighted to call my friends. I would say that choir is the best therapy there is - even when I feel that all I want to do is put my pj’s on and crawl into bed, I know choir will fix me!" - Anne McCormack (Clinical Oncology Consultant)

"I was hooked from the first session! Jax is so motivational. She works us hard, but it is so worth it! I always look forward to Wednesdays, it doesn’t matter what sort of mood you are in when you arrive, you’re sure to be smiling when you leave!" - Alex Tait (Associate Clinical Services Manager)

"The highlight of my several years of being in the choir was when the choir performed at my wedding and Jon and I had our first dance to the choir singing “One Day Like This “ by Elbow." - Ruth Elliot (Physiotherapist)

"The choir brings me great joy and is a great cure for work/ life stresses." - Katie Casey (Vocational Education Administrator)

"I hadn’t sung for years and because of nerves thought I never would again but was encouraged by colleagues to give it a go and I’ve not regretted it since. I treasure the friendships that I’ve forged with other members. The buzz and exhilaration I feel each Wednesday at rehearsal no matter how bad the day has been is amazingly uplifting. My fellow choir members and our wonderful and inspirational MD have helped get me through some very challenging episodes in my life and for that I will always be grateful and indebted." - Andy Hercock (Information analyst at Exeter Mobility Centre)

DyNaMix (Twickenham) - Choir

DyNaMix Twickenham opened on March the 7th 2019. Its the first of its kind in the London/Surrey area.

This choir is in the very early stages and is looking for new members to join as we speak! Its held at All Hallows Church, in Twickenham, every Thursday, 7:30pm - 9:00pm (right opposite the stadium…you never know, one day!) ;)

Twickenham is the second DyNaMix Choir to ever open, and the brand is growing every year with its popularity, and funky, dynamic and fun ethos.